OUr love story

And How it Became Our Photography Story

Hello! We are Yernie and Yengka. To get a better idea of how we became a husband and wife photography duo, we have to start at the beginning.

We met at a college event at UWEC where I, Yernie, attended. We invited nearby schools to join us and that's where Yengka enters the scene. I remember him dressed in his business casual best paired with a little scruff on his face. It's quite rare to see an asian guy with facial hair, so I was quite intrigued. My attention to Yengka didn't last long since I was busy making sure the event was going smoothly. Yengka on the other hand had his eyes locked on me the whole time. Finally the event was over and after a long day of running around in heels, I went to sit to rest my feet. Like a scene from a movie, Yengka moved through the crowd and made his way towards me in slow motion. The first thing he said to me was, "Wow! I like your camera! Do you want to see mine?" I instantly fell in love when I saw his cute CAMERA! It was a digital Fuji made to look like a vintage 35mm film camera (sorry, photography nerd moment). After talking about cameras for a few minutes, Yengka cleverly thought of the idea to have us take pictures of each other. I took one of him, he took one of me. We would find each other on Facebook the next day and share them with each other. Wow, what a smooth move. It totally worked! The next day, we found each other, 1 year later, we shot our first wedding together, and 6 years after that, we're still doing what we did the first day we met, falling in love with what we see through the lens.

We cannot imagine ourselves doing anything else but helping others tell their love story through photographs too. It's how we fell in love, and it's how we remember the big and small moments in our lives. We want the same for you! Let us help tell your story through laughter, tears, and sweet embraces all caught with the single click of a camera. Please share with us your love story. We cannot wait to hear it!


Yernie and Yengka Vang