Pachoua + Charles

Pachoua and Charles have been dear friends of ours for a long time. They were guests at our wedding more than five years ago, and ever since then, we've been patiently waiting for them to get engaged as well! When Charles called me to be a secret photographer for his proposal to Pachoua, I could not help but let out a squeal of excitement! My heart was so incredibly happy our friends were getting engaged! I am so honored to have documented this special moment for them.

Charles chose the Villa Terrace in Milwaukee, WI to propose, and it is straight out of a dream. The Italian inspired architecture outlooking the lake was the picture perfect backdrop for a proposal. You definitely do not feel like you're in Wisconsin when you walk the grounds of the villa.

Pachoua and Charles are such a photogenic couple. The effortless way they fall into each other, laugh, and embrace is a true testament to their love for one another. I love the dreamy photos with soft poses, but I also enjoy when couples show their true silly side too. There's always room for both! Scroll all the way down for the best photo of these two!