Xao + jeremy

Xao and I go all the way back to middle school. We have so many great memories of dressing up, dancing, and dressing up for photoshoots with our friends. Xao moved to Portland shortly after middle school, and although she was far from me, we still kept in touch. After I started shooting weddings, Xao would always comment that when she gets married, I will be her photographer. She KEPT HER WORD! Yengka and I were so excited to fly out to Portland and photograph my dear friend's wedding.

The weekend was split in two parts. Her and Jeremy's beautiful garden wedding in Portland and the bride and groom portraits the following day at Cannon Beach. Xao comes from a Hmong family and Jeremy is from a Filipino family. The wedding was a beautiful celebration of the two cultures with traditional elements in the clothing and dances. Our favorite was the money sash dance! It always brings us so much joy to photograph unique moments like those during a wedding.

Cannon Beach is breathtaking. Even though it rained and was foggy, we had the best time photographing our beautiful bride and groom. We definitely left a part of our hearts there and will for sure go back.